Monday, March 17, 2008

Bear Sterns ripple effect on long term residual income for retirement security.

With the economic climate as volatile as it is, where do
you turn to invest in your retirement?

Where can you feel secure investing your retirement savings?

The events of Bear Stearns is quite possibly the beginning
of a recession states former Treasury secretary Allen Greenspan.
Former Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin last week described
the situation as "uncharted waters".
The news in the Wall Street Journal is bleak.

These are trying times and many will take a financial hit in
one way or another. Statistics show that all too many of us
are in debt with little or no way to get ahead.

What can you do to secure your retirement is one of comfort?

I'm Corie Wallace, an Internet Marketing Strategy Specialist,
I am just like you. I find myself asking those very questions
and trying to prepare for what may lay ahead.

Look folks, I'm not here to try and sell you anything. I'm
just trying to give you information that can help you create
long term residual income to secure you and your family's

Research online, see all the opportunities out there asking you
to buy leads, asking you to buy traffic? Where has any of that
produced positive results of any substance? I bet very little if
any. I know, I've been there. All I ended up with was less
cash at the end of the month.

Clearly a poor choice to invest funds in hopes of gaining long
term residual income.

What if there was a way to ensure long term residual income
without having to take a chance on the stock market at this
treacherous time. What if you could feel secure in creating
interest on your investment that would be constant, no
interest rate drops, simply growth, in fact growth that you
yourself could control?

There is such an opportunity to secure your long term
residual income success. The concept is in buying customers,
yes buyan already existing customer base to grow long term
wealth and residual income for your retirement years that is
secure. Doesn't that make a lot more sense then throwing you
hopes and dreams away during a time of such uncharted waters? has a program in place that does just that
with a team of well known Masters in their specialties to help
you obtain success. can show you how to
create a successful long term income through buying
customers, not selling, not buying leads, no cold calls
ever again. Combine the excellence of
along with Veretekk's unsurpassed lead generating system
you can generate free targeted leads of your own.

This is a very powerful way to create long term residual
income that can accrue and support your retirement years. is comprised of leaders who have seen the
clear advantage to buying customers and are investing an
incredible amount of time and money mentoring and
coaching those who sign up to receive information.
They teach you how to secure your future and stop
wasting time spending good money after bad. None
of us can afford that at this critical time. Bear Stearns
has taught us that even the big boys can crumble.

It is time to change the way you do business and get educated
on how to protect your investment and regain the security of
your retirement with long term residual income that only can provide.

For more information on how to act and secure your future
please take the time to sign up for's
newsletter and start getting educated on how to create your
long term residual income retirement fund.

Corie Wallace
Marketing Strategy Specialist
Boston, MA.

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