Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Its Good Business, buy customers not leads innovative Marketing Concept

Inetekk CEO Tom Prendergast redfines Internet
Marketing for the little guy with ItsGoodBusiness.net on Google.

Tom Prendergast, innovative CEO of Inetekk.com,
Inc., and Veretekk leads the way again with the
anticipated cooperative business building model
of ItsGoodBusiness marketing concept in building
businesses on Google and beyond.

For years the Industry has come to know Tom
Prendergast as an innovator and creator of the
Veretekk system which is exploding on the Internet
helping the little guy succeed in an ever growing
and ever changing industry. Mr. Prendergast
continues with his new concept of buying paying

instead of buying leads ensuring the
success once again of the little guy. Now a home
based business has the ability to create a revenue
stream with Tom's new marketing approach.

The ability to buy paying customers guarantees
the beginning of a residual income and is fast
becoming the new way by many veterans in the
Internet Marketing industry, to be the wave of the
future ensuring a return on their investment.
When you visit
you are greeted
with the new concept by Tom in plain simple terms
and great visual aids consistent to Mr. Prendergast's
approach to educating and giving a leg up to the
little guy.

Its Good Business has gained the attention of both
Al Gonzales, successful marketing entrepreneur and
Butch Hamilton, well known Master Search Engine
Optimization expert creating a power house investing
in the concept of buying customers and not leads
and a commitment to educating others in this
exciting and powerful new marketing concept. A
business model where one reinvests into their business
with a risk free way to receive immediate results the
industry begins to stop and listen. Mr. Prendergast
is about to change the face of Internet marketing
as it has been known today. Tom is about to expand
opportunities for the small and large home based
businesses alike, for years to come, and for the
betterment and improvement of the Internet
Marketing industry as whole.

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